Accenta Mini G4 Alarm Panel + LCD Keypad – 8SP399A


with Accenta Mini Gen4 Alarm Panel from Honeywell
you are guaranteed a highly featured, flexible
intruder alarm panel, conforming to CE
specification directives and BS4737 standards.




  • 8 Zones
    Each one is separately identified on the keypad and provides ample security detection for most domestic properties.
  • 3 part set programs
    Allows three programmed setting levels dependent on the people in the property or the level of protection required, eg. night-time with upstairs detectors off and perimeter detectors on.
  • Simple set readers for ease of operation
    Up to 4 stylish readers can be used to SET/UNSET the system with the option of using a proximity keyfob. Ideal for young, elderly or infirm.
  • Personal attack facility
    PA buttons may be used to activate the system in an emergency. An additional PA facility exists on the remote keypads.
    Remote keypads for added flexibility Up to four slimline keypads can operate the system from any point in the property.
  • 5 Digi-Outputs
    For a wire-in digital communicator, RedCare STU or Dialler. This allows the system to communicate with an Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • New LCD Keypad
    The LCD remote keypad operates with the Accenta Mini Gen4 intruder systems.
    Up to four LCD keypads can be connected to the system. The large 2×16 characters with backlight display provide a full status indication and the keypad plays entry and exit tones.

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